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Did you know that the Penguin Newscasters has a Youtube
channel with all of our news reports, videos, and movies?
Here’s the link for our channel: CLICKY!

Now, I have something for all of you that might be helpful:
Pictures, and Video Links we use on our Youtube channel! Please
don’t take these away and claim that they are yours because
they are original work produced by the staff… Here it is!

Here are the pictures and videos from and for Youtube.
This content is all original, stuff that I have made.
So please don’t take it away from my site, nor double-post it
on Youtube!

~ Mariko216 ~



1. clubpenguinheadline - January 5, 2008


2. clubpenguinheadline - January 5, 2008

o i cee now. Nice vids.


Thanks for the comment.
What do you mean that you see now?
You didn’t realize that the “clicky” was a link?
I dunno what you meant… I’m confused!

~ Mariko216 ~

3. goddessmomo - February 18, 2008

Hey your youtube channel thing says you are 18? Is that true or do you need to be 18 to have a account?


You need to be 18 years old to make the account…
Luckily, it’s under my cousin’s email and such, so technically,
it’s not my account. (fully 😛 )

~ Mariko216 ~

4. Guineapig119 - February 23, 2008

Cool! I make vids, but I don’t post them on youtube…..


Well, now I can’t post videos
because my screen recorder expired and
I don’t wanna pay… 😛

~ Mariko216 ~

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