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CP Pics

On this page, I will post pictures I have taken in Club Penguin.
The pictures I have taken are my photos, so I please ask for you not to
take them away. If I have photos from another site, I have asked
the owner if I can post them.

So, after all of that, here are the pictures!
(NOTE: There are 10 pictures in all!)

#1 Charlie Brown Christmas Tree – 12/23/07
charlie brown tree

#2 Poor Pirate Penguin =( – 12/23/07
poor pirate penguin

#3 Anonymous Pirate Penguin – 12/23/07
anynymous penguin
I wonder who it is… 😉

#4 Surfboard Shop – 12/23/07
surfboard shop

#5 Club Penguin Symphony – 12/23/07
club penguin symphony

#6 Frosty the Snowman has Problems – 12/25/07

#7 Look Before You Sit! – 12/27/07
I guess she didn’t realize that there was a campfire…

#8 Another Pirate Arrival? – 12/28/07
pirate ship member
I think that she’s lying about her ship being wooden…

#9 On Top? – 12/29/07
on top of the fireplace?
How can I be sitting on top of the fireplace?

#10 A fish… With Yellow Hair? – 12/31/07
fish hair
I didn’t know that fish grew yellow hair!



1. Lizbeth1023 - December 23, 2007

Hi Mariko! Glad 2 C U again!

The pictures you posted were really funny and clever! I wonder how you do that…



Hey Lizbeth1023!
I did this site by using WordPress.com.
Thanks for the comment, and some of the
pictures had you in them, so I guess that your
name is now known?

~ Mariko216

2. clubpenguinheadline - January 5, 2008

the fish has yellow hair!!

3. mariko216 - February 4, 2008

Its an easy trick to do.
You might be able to figure it out to yourself…
But since I’m nice, I’ll tell you how:
Just wait for you puffle to go up behind the fish… =P

~ Mariko216 ~

4. goddessmomo - February 24, 2008

cool trick

5. lacey555557 - February 24, 2008



I tried to find semi-funny moments in
Club Penguin… 😛

~ Mariko216 ~

6. Buddy629 - April 2, 2008

These pictures are funny. These pics are a great!

7. Rockhopper - May 5, 2008

yarr me matyes,

im rockhopper. who owns this website. YARRRRRR your pictures are amazing lad!!! I hope I see you lads there in club penguin!!! but the glitches and cheats are quite bad mate.

Smooth Saling,


So it’s really Rockhopper? The famous penguin?
Well then….
Can I have your autograph? 😛

Just joking.
Thanks for the advice, but just a note,
one of my staff members – Giambinyy25 made the
post about all the glitches. I’ll maybe add some to
that expansive list.

~ Mariko216 ~

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