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 Here are some cheats. I worked for 2 ½ HOURS on these and I don’t really want you to take them. One rule applies for ONLY for these- Comment and ASK! I took 3 cheats from http://yayp.wordpress.com ONLY 3. (I didn’t know those). Anyway, so this is easy navigation, they are sorted into categories. Every other category is bolded. Enjoy the cheats and tell me if they have fixed any, or if you know any more. Thanks, Giambinyy25GAMES
Astro Barrier-
To enter high levels in Astro Barrier, wait 30 seconds between level 30 and 31 and shoot the blue ship that appears. In level 7, when the screen tells you about the enemies (blue things), click the one in the example for a free life To enter high levels in Astro Barrier, wait EXACTLY 30 seconds between level 30 and 31 and shoot at the blue ship that appears.On level 10 or 30, if you wait a minute, a blue ship will appear, and if you shoot it, you’ll go to the expert levels. At the menu of AstroBarrier (the part after “start“), press 1 to get to level 10, 2 to reach level 20, or 3 to get to level 30 Ice Fishing-To get the big orange fish (a.k.a Mullet), just keep the little fishes as bait on your stick on once you’re at 70 fish. You will see mullet slowly coming in the backround. Be careful after that!!

Catching Waves-

(This is also a puffle cheat) Take your RED puffle for a walk. Go surfing at the cove. Beside you, your puffle will surf!

Pizzatron 3000-

On the start menu, where it shows the start button and conveyer belt, push the red switch. You will then push start, and you can make candy pizzas. In this hidden level, you earn more coins then standard pizza

Jet Pack Adventure-

Beat Jet Pack without getting a single coin. At the end, you get 1000 coins.

Sledding Tip- Every time you go over a ramp or log, go to the middle. That way, you can easily go either way.

ST2- Go over the watery part. It speeds you up, but it’s a risk because you usually fall the next time.

NOTE- There used to be a cheat where on Bunny Slope, you stayed in one place to win. That cheat was fixed.


Mystery Puffle – Go to the pet shop and buy a puffle (any color). When the name form comes on, don‘t write a name. Your puffle has no name!


Press the +/= sign on your keyboard for a really weird look at CP.

Standing in Walkways- Go sled at the bunny slope. Then pull up your map as you walk over. Once you’ve started, click on the town. Once you arrive, click on the left walkway. Press “wwwwwwwwwww” rapidly. Once you get there, sit, stand or dance. You can do this again, and walk on a walkway. The town is the easiest.


Sitting in any direction- This is sorta too-known but: sit somewhere and take your mose/cursor and move it to the way you want to sit. Click to stand there, then click.

Nubbing- Go to the town (this works several places, but best here) click on the thin space between your game and message bar. Do this until your penguin is barely visible. Sit and you are GONE!

Lost in the snow- Go to the town and click on an area of snow. Keep clicking in that area until you are invisible!

Do a dance without the clothes! -Have on some clothes, open

your player card, take those clothes off, and wear an item that has a dance such as the pizza apron, tour guide hat, hula skirt, (any will work.) Wear ONE. Now dance. You should be in your original clothes from step one. You should also be dancing without the item visible.

Dance/talk with the paper- Go to this link- (it is CP Big Screen):http://play.clubpenguin.com/load.swf Click on a random player card, drag it off where you can see it, but it is hidden. Now, open the Penguin Times. Don’t close it!!! Remember that player card? Send that person a card. The paper closes, but you will still be holding it. You can talk and dance! Just DO NOT MOVE or else you will lose the paper.Walk with the newspaper-You can only use the following link: http://play.clubpenguin.com/load.swf Click on a random player card and pull it off to the side, slightly visible. Go play mancala or find four. When the sign comes up, click it as quickly as possible (only twice). Click on the Penguin Times. Send a card to the person’s penguin card you have up. Do NOT exit either the came or newspaper. It will automatically. Go to the town. Now back to whatever room you were playing in. You will be walking with the newspaper. You can’t see this yourself, but others will.Keep Dancing- Dance in the town. Then enter your igloo. When you do, you will still be dancing.Walk on the Beacon’s light bulb- Go behind the light bulb and throw lots of snowballs through it to the other side. Rapidly press the +/= sign on your keyboard. Click on the snowballs to go through it. When you’re in between click behind back to where you were (optional). Some computers can’t do this. Walk on Mine Shack Walls: . Walk to the left or right of the Mine Shack (not the Mines, the Mine Shack), then rapidly press the +/= button and click the other side of the mine shack. This might not work the first time so keep tring and you’ll go through, be sure to keep pressing the +/= button when you’re walking through it. This may not work for all computers. <<^^ The last cheat was from http://chewypup.org copyright 2008-09 All Rights ReservedBUDDIES

This cheat alone is from http://chewypup.org copyright 2008-09 All Rights Reserved Seeing buddys on different servers-If any of your buddies are logged in in a different server than you and you log in, check the buddy chat quickly after you log into any server (other than the one your buddy is on) and your buddy list will say they are on (even though its only suppose to say that if they’re on the same server as you [By server I mean like ‘Tundra’ or ‘Mammoth’]). You will only see this for one to two seconds. Get over 100 buddies- Go around sending buddy requests. Press the ? Mark in the right hand corner. Wait until you have 90 buddies. Then, send about 14 more buddy requests. You will now have 100+ buddies!Hidden Buddies- When you click the button on a buddies player card to find them, it may say they are hidden or on an adventure. When they are hidden, they are at the HQ. When they are on an adventure, they are on a mission.

Annoying Buddy-Request Glitch:  Go to the gift shop in the town. Walk towards the changing rooms, and while you’re walking, request to be someone’s buddy. Two thing should have happened: 1. You have a “Request Sent” sign on your screen. 2. You’re in the catalog. Click OK to the “Request Sent” sign from the buddy. The clothing catalog will now close, but the ”Request Sent” sign will still be there until you log off of CP.  

WALL CHEATS Put an item on the wall in your igloo- This is for new-members who need help. Click the tape measure, then you will see on the right a menu like thing. Click the box after you’ve bought some furniture. Click the item you want to put up. Before you put it up, try hitting the up, down, left or right buttons for more options.Walk on the walls in the lighthouse! – Go to the lighthouse (inside). Go behind the barrel of fish near the boat. Click the door several times, and then quickly click above the door, and you‘ll be walking on walls. IGLOO’S

How to decorate- In your igloo, click the tape measure. Then click the catalog under the box. You can buy furniture. The other catalog has igloo’s and some flooring. Once you have bought items (upgrades happen after the buy button), go to that box and click it. Pull out furniture. Put it anywhere in the igloo. You can push the up, down, right, or left button. This may change the look of some items.

Editing your buddies igloos-

Open your buddy list. Keep it up as you push Tape Measure. Click on a buddy, then go to a members igloo. You can move furniture around! NOTE- only you can see this and it isn’t permenant.

Edit someone elses igloo-

Do the same as before. However, instead of getting a buddy, get your penguin card. Click on your spy phone. Teleport somewhere. Quickly, go on the map to an open igloo. You can edit it! Go somewhere else, and go to a different igloo and it still works.


Flashing Words- Type the any of the following and move around to flash-




I SAW A MONSTER EAT _________________ <<insert Rockhopper, billybob, a mod, or even Hannah Montana. There are more that will work.

Spamming- Spamming is just talking really fast and saying nothing. For example, press “J” really fast and you’ll be saying jokes.Wave Rapidly- Press W over and over and over really fast. You can throw snowballs fast the same way by pressing T instead of W.

D= Dance, S= Sit, W= Wave, H= Hello, B= Goodbye, Y= Yes, N= No, T= Throw Snowball

Press Space then enter, pull down chat history, and you said nothing

Press any letter until the chat bar fills up. The letters go out of the speech bubble


You can click the emotes button to see every emote but one. Press E and W at the same time. You can make a chocolate ice cream!


Every Clothing Catalog (and furniture), there are hidden items. You can find them by visiting a wordpress and CHEATING!!! Or you can waste time and put your mouse over the pages. You should find some. These are usually rare items. They are also rare. Most are NOT returning items.

Hold an invisible sign- Take all your clothes off and pull up your player card. Find your tour guide hat. Wear it. Then wave. You will be seen with your flippers up in the air.

Do all the dances at once- Put on as many items with dances as possible. Chewy Pup suggests on his site to use the Lei and Green Ducky Tube. This is a good way to start. Wear anything….Anyway- open your player card up. Take all previous clothes off. Wear the tour guide hat. DO NOT close your player card. Now push W. You’ll be doing all these different dances AT ONCE!!!

Fly with your flippers in air- Wear the proppeler hat from the April Fools Day Party.

Dance. Then, get up your player card. Put on the tour guide hat. Wave. You will be in the air and you will have your flippers up. You can only see this.

Do the same to hold your hat up in the air. Again, only YOU can see this.

Moderator/Rockhopper and Aunt Arctic

Aunt Arctic has not been seen waddling recently. I have never heard of her actually doing so. Her penguin exists, however this could have happened so players couldn’t aquire the fame. NEW- on many sites, it says she is fictional. Who knows?

You can log on as a mod (even Rockhoppers) on http://play.clubpenguin.com/load.swf

And type in a username and password more than 5 letters. You will get “banned” immediately because you are not on the mod’s personal computer. The account Is programmed to only be compattiable with the Computer’s IP Adderess. An IP Adderess is like a secret code for your comment. If you have the right program, you can even track down the registered holder of the computer. It’s almost like a computer’s social security #.Bambadee and Rockhopper Bracelet- Bambadee gives Rock hopper a bracelet at the nd of “Rockhopper and the stowaway” (a book found on the shelf in book room above the coffee shop) There is a big picture of a bracelet at the end. Click it and you can wear it! (it is free)Floating Bracelet- Do the above but DON’T CLICK YES OR NO! Head down to the coffee shop, and you will be in the coffee shop with a floating bracelet.

Are they on?- To see if a mod or even Rockhopper is on, sign in as them. If they are on, it will say “incorrect password”. If they’re offline, it will say the banned message.  OTHERGo to the cove. Wait 10 seconds, and you will a penguin playing Hydro-Hopper. You can go to the beacon, and look through the telescope for 5 seconds. You will see a surfing puffle. Ninja – On Club Penguin’s homepage, you will see a header with the town pictured. Click the N in Nightclub and the penguin under he will turn into a ninja (not the same as in Penguin Chat3, beta tester CP)

Postcards saving you $$$- Open a players card. Send them a post card. But before you push the send button, press “Go there” on the example and you actually go there!

This cheat ALONE is from http://chewypup.org copyright 2008-2009 all rights reserved Put up all the newspapers in the Boiler Room: Go to the boiler room and open the cabinet with the newspapers in it. Click and hold the last newspaper in the back of the cabinet and then move your mouse to the newspaper directly infront of it (keep holding). Now let go of the mouse and the last newspaper should be standing up. Now click and hold the second to last newspaper and move the mouse to the one in front; this one should be standing up too now. Continue doing this until all of the newspapers are standing up. Play four penguins on bunny hill – This cheat sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t, just retry it if it doesn’t. First, go to Ridge Run (the ski slope with four penguins) and click ‘Yes’ as soon as it asks you if you want to play. Then immediately click somewhere else so you’re not sitting in a tube anymore; then go to the Bunny Hill ski slope. Do this all before the screen pops up that shows the four players waiting in the Ridge Run slope. You will then walk over to the Bunny Hill slope without quiting the Ridge Run slope. If you do it right you’ll be doing the Bunny Hill course with the three people you’re playing Ridge Run with! If it didn’t work, you probably didn’t click the Bunny Hill slope fast enough after you clicked ‘Yes’. There will be a slight pause after you click yes before the screen with the players pops up, you have to click it before the screen pops up.Bans/NamesTo see if a penguin is banned, go to the sign in as another player. Then, type in their name and a random 5+ letter password. Examples to try right now: Chewy Pup, Watex,Sometimes, CP will keep names from you. They don’t exist, but CP keeps them. It isn’t even a cuss word or something.Penguin00000000001- Make a penguin called Test123 (any numbers). That is a spam name due to the famous guy who gets Tests banned for hacking. Anyway, log in as your new guy. They will have the name Penguin3554747525886 or something similar. There is an edit where it says you can’t get a name starting with Penguin. This is actually true.Once you are banned, you lose your tour guide privlidge along with your secret agent stuff.Unban Efforts- Send a letter to CP under Support then General. They may think about unbanning the penguin, or they may send you an email saying it’s none of your business. I actually got one of those once….but it was polite.

Names- A-LOT of names are taken. Keep trying. Disney brought in like a billion, name-taking newbies.

If you don’t play an account for 90 days, it is deleted.


1st, get to it by clicking on the M on the badge sign in the top right hand corner

Secret Agent-

1. Honest

2. Being Mean or Rude

3. Report Them

4. Saying their address

5. I want to keep Club Penguin Safe

6. I want to help other penguins

Then, log out, log back in, and you SHOULD have a spy phone on your player card. This is not visible to other players.

Tour Guide-

Go to the Ski Village and take the other quiz-

1. Flowerpot

2. Pet Shop

3. Boiler Room

4. 4

5. The Viking helmet

6. The Migrator

7. Jet Pack Adventure

8. Mullet

Then click the receive hat button.

To hold up your sign, put on the hat (alone) and wave.



There is a myth about tipping the iceberg. One rumor says that you can only do so in April 2006 and still recieve the catlog. Many say that this picture is what happens- icebgerg.jpg

<click to enlarge>

You can see fireworks as penguins everywhere. Before, people said you got the next puffle coming into the catalog, but when others saw it, it appeared blue. Now, you may not get anything. Here are some tips on tipping it-

Once your there and its crowded, dont leave. I have too many times, and you end up not getting back in.

Although this is lieing, say a famous penguin is at the iceburg. Or to spread the word, say “help tip the iceberg” or something.

Have coins while you tip, because you may get aceess to a private catalog with pricy, one in a lifetime, items.

Listen to others. It they want everyone on the tip, go there.

Good Luck and keep me posted on the rumors!!!



1. Giambinyy25 - February 17, 2008

bleep! Can everyone see these??



~ Mariko216 ~

Giambinyy25- I NEVER cussed there! Someone was impersonating me! ANYWAY, my name is CPgiambinyy25 so whoever did that wasn’t too smart!!!


Sorry about that…
I checked the IP Addresses and they are different…
Sorry Giambinyy… 😦

I never bothered to look at the IP Addresses beforehand –
guess I was too lazy 😛

~ Mariko216 ~

2. Guineapig119 - February 18, 2008

The password is applesauce.


Unfortunately that’s incorrect..
Why don’t you step right up and play the game again?


~ Mariko216 ~

3. cpgiambinyy25 - February 23, 2008

What? I never cussed there!


Sorry, my parents made me remove it, and they’re
now like “monitoring” the site because my brother said
the following, “Ooo! Michelle allowed a person to post a bad
word! Oooo!”

So I had to do that, sorry Giambinyy… 😦

~ Mariko216 ~

4. blake - February 23, 2008

What is it?


We have to have 800 hits on this site in order
for the MOD’s to unlock the page… So you’ll just
have to wait and see!

~ Mariko216 ~

P.S. You can help out by trying to get as many
hits as this site can! (Exactly what I’m doing… 😛 )

5. mariko216 - March 1, 2008

You may now see the Cheats & Glitches Page!

~ Mariko216 ~


6. Guineapig119 - March 2, 2008

Hey the annoying buddy request one can happen anywhere, using the map, or catolog

7. mariko216 - March 4, 2008

I agree…
The buddy request one is annoying!

~ Mariko216 ~

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