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My name is Mariko216 and I have been playing
Club Penguin since the Bonfire pin came out. That
was around the end of November and the beginning
of December 2006. I like to help penguins, but
sometimes when the penguins are being mean to
another penguin, I don’t really like to interfere, but I
sometimes tell them to “back-off!”

Other than my Club Penguin life, in real life, I just
love sports! I have played a variety of sports. Including
badminton, basketball, tennis, volleyball, swimming, and
ice skating. I also like to paint, draw, and act on stage.
I have acted in 7 plays, and in 2 musicals, and 1 opera. I
have had other stage performances, but the list
would get too long 😛 .

My birthday is on September 14 and I usually host a party in
Club Penguin on the weekend following my birthday (just
remember – I live in CA) hint, hint… 😉

~ Mariko216 ~

mariko jan 08
Mariko216 – Club Penguin Life

this is michelle/mariko216 real life
Click for Larger Image
Mariko216 (a.k.a. Michelle) Real Life!

mariko216 real life _ 2
Click for Larger Image
Mariko216 (a.k.a. Michelle) Real Life! (Again.. 😛 )



1. katie1997 - January 27, 2008

ahhh! my b-day is on september 14th too!!!! 😛

We have the same birthday!
That’s really awesome!
(Im not the only one anymore!)

~ Mariko216 ~
P.S. Can you please recommend my site to
other people/penguins?

2. katie1997 - January 28, 2008

I can put you on my blogroll. Plz visit my site! It’s been up like only 2 months and its got nearly 500 hits!! 🙂

I saw that you already did, but I just
still wanted to say thanks… 😛

~ Mariko216 ~

P.S. Thank you again! 🙂

3. katie1997 - January 28, 2008

Hey, you go on Penguin Party Zone. SO DO I!!!!!! 😛

4. katie1997 - January 28, 2008

by the way, the address is (blocked). is that copying????


What do you mean it’s copying?

~ Mariko216 ~

5. katie1997 - March 1, 2008

well Penguin PARTY Zone? Puffle PARTY Place? Oh who cares, someone has hacked in and DELETED MY BLOG! Grrr.


Ok, now I get it! 😛
I’m sorry about your blog…
I went to see it, and it looked great!
But now it’s hacked… 😦

Have you contacted WordPress to see
what they can do about it?

~ Mariko216 ~

P.S. Good luck with your blog!
I wish that I could have visited there more
often… 😦

6. loudongirl - March 28, 2008

Hi! I am Loudon Girl, Playing CP again. I am going to be making a new and improved header for my blog with fancy stamps. Like this one I made recently, also, please don’t copy it or edit it or claim it as yours.

Long time no see!
Loudon Girl

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