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New Newspaper! April 17, 2008

Posted by mariko216 in club penguin.

Hey you guys!
A new newspaper came out today!

Click images to make larger… 😛

+ The First Photo (Migrator Mended: Project Review)
We are done rebuilding the migrator! 😀
So this article is a review of all our progress in the past,
and announces that there’s a party on April 25th!

+ The Second Photo (Upcoming Events!)
Here’s a list of all the upcoming events!
I’ll update you on the 19th on all the secrets… 😦
I have piano lessons… 😦

So that’s the news on the newspaper!
But did you also know that all the clocks are also
going hay-wire? There’s a whole article on it in
the newspaper! (READ IT!)


In other words, Rockhopper is rushing towards
Club Penguin – maybe he’s concerned about why
we sent up the flares… 😦

Let’s hope that he’s not too worried! That wouldn’t
be good!

I guess that that is all the news today… 🙂
Goodbye – I’ll update you guys later!

~ Mariko216 ~




1. mariko216 - April 17, 2008

Here’s more news for you guys!

2. Viper1579 - April 17, 2008

cool site and pictures

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