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Sorry! March 6, 2008

Posted by mariko216 in club penguin.

I know this is really late, but I had yet another wordpress
problem… 😦

But anywho, a new newspaper came out in Club Penguin,
and here’s the swf link: CLICKY!

A new catalog is coming out tomorrow, and I’ll be there with
the updates, but it’ll be late… 😦

~ Mariko216 ~

P.S. For those of you who like to read books (and you’re a girl),
I found a great new book -> Violet: On the runway by Melissa Walker.



1. Mike Cooool - March 8, 2008

Hey! Mariko216 how did you do that clicky thing and then it went to the Newspaper?

-Mike Cooool

2. Mariko216 - March 8, 2008

All you have to do is find the swf link…
then highlight the desired text and choose to make
a hyperlink and enter in the swf link…

Then you’re done! You’ve got a link to the ________
(fill in the blank… 😛 )

~ Mariko216 ~

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