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The New Igloo Catalogs! February 21, 2008

Posted by mariko216 in cheats, club penguin.

This is Mariko216 and here are the secrets
for the new furniture & igloo upgrade

First of all, here’s the links for the swf’s!

Furniture Catalog: CLICK HERE!
Igloo Upgrade Catalog: CLICK HERE!

Furniture Catalog:

+ Pipe Organ:
Click on the upright piano.
furniture secret feb 22Β 08_1

+ Concert Lights:
Click on the “square” above the buttons…
(Sorry I can’t circle it, because I don’t have a photo editor.. 😦 )
furniture secret feb 22Β 08_2

+ Moose Head:
Click on the screen of the cash register.
furniture secret feb 22Β 08_3

Igloo Upgrade Catalog:

+ Secret Stone Igloo:
igloo catalog feb 22Β 08_1

+ Fishbowl:
Click on the sentence explaining the snow-globe
igloo catalog feb 22Β 08_2

+ Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo:
Click on the door of the Deluxe Snow Igloo.
igloo catalog feb 22Β 08_3

So there are your secrets!

~ Mariko216 ~

P.S. I really like the fishbowl igloo! πŸ˜›



1. mariko216 - February 21, 2008

Geez, I posted this really late at night here!
It’s only Thursday, February 21st here in California…

(My clock reads 11:18 PM right now… πŸ˜› )

~ Mariko216 ~

P.S. *Yawn… zzzz…. zzzz… *


2. Guineapig119 - February 23, 2008

Wow, this is an awesome site……
You guys try soo hard on this, i’ll help you get hits, somehow, someway!
P.S.Could you add me to your blogroll????? My site is http://guineapig119.wordpress.com


Thanks for the compliment!
I’ll add you to our blogroll because you asked
nicely – unlike the other request that I got like 1 month
ago which said:


So, thanks anyways!

~ Mariko216 ~

3. cooldude2196 - February 23, 2008

hey man nice site can u please add me to your blog roll its http://www.cooldude2196.wordpress.com


I’ll add you, but just one little favor…
Can you please help spread the word of this site?

~ Mariko216 ~

P.S. Sorry if it seems like I’m desperate or something,
but I just wanna unlock the Cheats/Glitches page… πŸ˜›
But you guys have gotta work for it also… πŸ˜›

4. cpgiambinyy25 - February 23, 2008

You were talking about me giving you my AIM thingy…sorry! It’s my personal one and I don’t want anyone knowin em!


Ok. But at least you responded to my question! πŸ˜›
And I understand about the whole “personal identity business”.

~ Mariko216 ~

P.S. So I’ll just have to stick to email… πŸ˜›

Giambinyy25- It’s just all part of my secret hampster identity!!! Ha!

5. Guineapig119 - February 24, 2008

Hey mariko, I don’t recommend adding cooldude to help you….I know him, and there is a 1/100,000,000 chance he will even think of helping you. He just leaves that comment “hey man nice site can u please add me to your blog roll” everywhere he can. He didn’t even take the time to find out you were a girl! LOL! Anyways, i’m not trying to be mean to cooldude, but he doesn’t have you on his bloroll, much less a post about your awesome site.
Just trying to help. You don’t have to, but I know cooldude, and trust me, πŸ˜†


I’ll talk with the other MOD’s to make sure if it’s O.K.
with them to remove him from the blogroll…

But thanks for the tip! I’ll keep that in mind… πŸ˜›

~ Mariko216 ~

P.S. It wouldn’t be fair if only 1 person removed him
off the blogroll if the other 2 people wanted to keep him there…

6. Guineapig119 - February 24, 2008

Yeah I wholeheartedly agree with you.

7. Mariko216 - February 24, 2008

Thanks for agreeing with me! πŸ˜›

~ Mariko216 ~


Hey look!
It’s me!


~ Mariko216 ~

8. money201cash - February 27, 2008

hey markio youre really good at this stuff can you add me to your blogroll and ill add you to mine i always go to your blog.

(p.s. if you have the program PAINT (usually on windows) you can make circles on it)

I love YOUR BLOG !


I’ll add you because I’m being nice… πŸ˜›
I forgot to do it last time, but I’ll do it right away this time!


~ Mariko216 ~

P.S. I don’t have paint because I have a Mac… πŸ˜›

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