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Upcoming Events and site Renovation! February 16, 2008

Posted by cpgiambinyy25 in blog, club penguin, stuff, updates, wordpress.

Hey! This is Giambinyy25, and I have updated the site! I just wanted to tell everyone about the upcoming events on CP.

There is a new page called Cheats and Glitches. Once we get 800 views, it is unlocked. More and more views, and more cheats and even special pages are added. Keep the views comin if you want cheats!!
The page is now released on the site! Just click on the tab, and you’ll be whisked to all those secrets! 😀

February 19th- Launch of the Submarine. The project is at the iceberg right now, one more invention of G. I think it is a little cheesy! There is going to be a submarine to help rescue to the Migrator.

February 22nd- New Furniture Catalog. Yipee. Last time, it stunk!

February 29th- New Sports Catalog. FINALLY! I am big into sports and I was happy there was a sport shop! But it was the same dumb stuff for 3 months!



1. James1579 - February 16, 2008




2. Mariko216 - February 17, 2008

Thanks for the compliment James!
So, Giambinyy25, thanks for the all the
site updates, and we really appreciate it!

~ Mariko216 ~

P.S. I know my IP Address seams different,
but we’re in San Diego right now visiting
family…. =P

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