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True Love? – A Club Pengun Experience January 27, 2008

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Have you ever just played Club Penguin and
a random penguin wants to be your friend? Well,
that happens to mostly everybody. But what if they ran
away from you and you followed them? Well, I’ve had
that experience, and I’m going to share it with you:

” I was at the cove in my one-piece bathing suit and
was just there in the water wading with fellow penguins.
I suddenly receive a friend request from a penguin sitting
on a log across from the bonfire.

I waddle towards him and he waddles away from me
towards the forest! I follow him and say that I accepted
him. He smiles. He introduces himself as Carregan12.
I smile and ask him, “Why did you run away from me?”
“I have my reasons.” he replies.
I look at him confused, but he just asks me to go to the
Pizza Parlor with him.
“Do you need an escort?” Carregan12 asks, then winks.
“Ok.” I reply.

He takes me to the Pizza Parlor and says that he has already
reserved us a table. We order small cheese pizzas for the both
of us. He calls the waiter and whispers something in the waiters
ear. The waiter takes out a violin and starts playing.
“Mariko?” Carregan12 asks.
“Yes?” I reply.
“I would like to give you” Carregan12 says, then pauses to take a
box from his pocket, “This diamond necklace.”
I look at him dumbfounded, and thank him.
I put the necklace on, and look at myself through my glass of water’s
reflection and think to myself, “This is gorgeous!”

We run to the cove and sunbathe on the shore.
Carregan12 spots that I had waded into the deep part of the water
and have a foot crap! He rushes over to save me and brings me to shore,
looking annoyed.
“I’m dumping you!” he screams.
“You never asked me out.” I said.

I run into the forest and delete him off my buddy list, and that was the
last I saw of him. ”

I know that was a really long story…
I managed to take a picture of him and me (with his other friend) at
the cove:


~ Mariko216 ~
P.S. That’s a true story from my perspective… 😉



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