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It’s Fiesta Time! January 18, 2008

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This is Mariko216 with the latest fiesta news!
Today there is a new pin, and a new free item!
Now, lets go to the new free item:

+ The Maracas:
The Maracas are in the night club. Here’s a photo:
festive maracas - 2008 festival
There’s like the ones from last year, but with more bold
colors… 😛

+ The Sombrero:
The new pin is the sombrero and it can be found by
going to the forest and waving your mouse over the pinata
until the pin falls out. Here’s a photo of the pinata before
the pin falls out:
pinata - 2008 fiesta

So that’s all the free items in the Winter Fiesta!
Now, lets go on to the new furniture catalog:

+ The Moose Head:
Click on the Cash Register
2008 jan catalog

+ Pipe Organ:
Click on the Upright Piano for the Pipe Organ.
2008 jan catalog secret 2

+ The Concert Lights:
Click on the Home Stereo for the Concert Lights.
2008 jan catalog secret 3

+ The Rare Mullet:
Click on the stem of the Ficus Plant for the Rare Mullet.
2008 jan catalog secret 4

So those are all the secrets I found.
Enjoy the party and the new catalog!

~ Mariko216 ~



1. goddessmomo - January 28, 2008

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