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New Newspaper & A New Enemy! January 12, 2008

Posted by mariko216 in Uncategorized.

I’m sorry that I didn’t post the new events/additions to Club Penguin
earlier, but I was really busy studying for my Math, Science, & Social Studies Tests.
But anywho, here is the new additions to Club Penguin!

+ The Newspaper:

In the newspaper are the following main topics/articles:

* The Winter Festa-Val
* Featured Story = Wigs are a Big Gig
* Special Section (Social Scene) = Igloo Storage gets Cleaned Up
* Featured Game = Sled Racing
* Tips & Secrets = Become a Secret Agent

I’m sorry I can’t post the upcoming events, but I’m at my school’s
computer and I only have a few minutes left!

+ The New Play at the Stage!
There’s trouble in Club Penguin! Who should we call for help?
Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal of course! There are new superheroes
in Club Penguin, and their costumes are great! You should go check
it out for yourself – there are tons of new features!

I have to go now, the teachers are looking at me weirdly…
Now, if you are a non-member and want to join in the fun,
you can, and control the special effects of the show in the stage!

Anywho, I need to go because I only have like 1 minute left in
my time at the computer! Bye everyone!

~ Mariko216 ~

P.S. I couldn’t take any pictures because I was using the computer’s
public account… so sorry about that if you wanted pictures… 😦



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