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Last Day for Christmas! January 2, 2008

Posted by mariko216 in Uncategorized.

Dear All,
Today is the last day for the Christmas Decorations!
Too bad, I was beginning to enjoy them…

The Christmas Decorations, and New Years Fireworks have now been removed 😦
Now I see how boring Club Penguin looks again… 😦 😉
Also, the iceberg in the telescope on the beacon has been removed!

There will also be a new wig & clothing catalog for January
that will be released on January 4th. I wonder if there is
going to be good clothing and wigs that are awesome! Or
maybe, Club Penguin will revive something from the past…

Anywho, I have created two videos on Youtube! Here’s
the link to my channel – so you can watch the videos:

On other news, I cannot post articles tomorrow, or be on
Club Penguin because my mom banned me from using the
computer at all! So I’ll fill you in on Janurary 4th.

~ Mariko216 ~

P.S. I deleted Sunnyday243’s “Ask Him” page because he
was getting lazy and didn’t want to update that page… Oh well…
But you can still view pictures and such on this site… 🙂



1. Lizbeth1023 - January 2, 2008

Hey Mariko!
I really liked the videos that you posted
on Youtube! Thanks for interviewing me!
I remember how you tried to interview this
person named Cody001, but he said that
he hated being on public… lol 😛

Thanks for making a great site!
– Lizbeth1023

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