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Hello world! December 22, 2007

Posted by mariko216 in Uncategorized.

My name is Mariko216 and I have been playing Club Penguin since the
bonfire pin came out! This site is going to be about Club Penguin,
and this is one of the sites where you can get the latest information!

Since there is a party going on in Club Penguin, and I need to tell you
all about it, here is the latest news:

+ The New Pin: Wreath
You can find this pin next to the rocking horse in the attic of the Ski Lodge.

+ Free Item: Santa Hat
The Santa Hat is found at the snow forts

+ Free Item: Reindeer Antlers
The Reindeer Antlers are found at the dock.

I hope that this helps you guys!
~ Mariko216 ~



1. Some Random Person - December 22, 2007

Great Website!
I wonder if you will post for a long time for updates…
By the way Mariko216, do you happen to be a member?

– Some Random Person

P.S. Where are the pictures?


Hello Some Random Person!
I’m not a member unfortunately, but I think that I might
stay for a while to keep on continuing updates. Anywho,
my computer isn’t working too well so I cannot post pictures…

~ Mariko216 ~

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